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Disruption Non-Claims: Losing Stakes for the Construction Industry

Delay:  Master of Schedule Disruption Claims According to the US Census, the 2016 US construction was estimated at USD$1.16T. If we also estimate that on average 30% of these projects finished on time, and 70% late by most measures, then we can estimate that USD$815.1B of that work was subject...
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10 AEC Professions AI Will Disrupt by 2027

AI Disruption Will Significantly Permeate the AEC Industries Historically, the construction and building industries tend to fall on the lower scale of tech-savvy, or digital-bandwidth, owing to a lack of skilled practitioners, and a paucity of training and investment in their constituency, but more so to a general disdain for...
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The Relative Symbolism and Impermanence of Megaprojects: Olympic Budgets

Olympic budgets –  “the bigger the headache,  the bigger the pill Megaprojects and Olympic budgets, have a lot in common: they both come with dubious ethical connotations. Recent sport megaprojects – Sochi, South Africa, and the World Cup stadiums in Brazil, now have been assailed as being politically biased, financially irresponsible, and unethical....
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