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Agile Framework for MEP Coordination

Bringing Building into the 21st Century with Agile MEP Coordination “Agile MEP Coordination can be a game changer only with team buy-in. No process seems more elusive or esoteric to your average construction professional than the mechanical/electrical/plumbing (MEP) coordination phase of a project. The process takes place as a means...
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10 Ways Agile Framework Can Facilitate Construction Schedules

Upping the Bandwidth in Schedule Devlopment with Construction Agile Framework Construction Agile framework, such as Scrum, were developed for the software industry, and virtually unknown in the building industry. They are a popular strategy for start-ups bringing product- apps and programs, to market. However; the model hasn’t gained a foothold...
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Slack and Trello for construction: building a CPM Schedule with the team

Trello for construction should be a good fit Many of my peer colleagues are IT and start-up professionals designing and building software. Their collaboration needs are very high, and require a strong team leader, and game participants. Nowadays, they implement a recent management practice known as Agile software development that challenge...
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