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AR/MR Smart Helmets for the AEC Industries: Flight or Fancy?

Smart Helmets: are they making us any smarter? While BIM die-hards cling to their soon to be obsolete platforms, AR, and MR smart helmets featuring heads-up (HUD) and holographic displays are hitting the streets, and trying to make an impact on facilities management, and AEC technology in a big way...
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Space Carving, SLAMming AR-VR Construction Technology Update

AR-VR construction technology disruption is inevitable AR-VR construction technology may very soon no longer be the exclusive pastime of gamers and designers: it may be put to much more practical uses. Last weekend, I had the opportunity to road-test a Google Tango tablet with  Lucas Stephane, PhD, Assistant Professor, of the Florida...
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How Google Tango VR/AR Apps Could Level the BIM Playing Field

Google Tango: will it be useful to builders, or just an expensive designer toy? “Designers will forced to begrudgingly collaborate with builders in program coordination: they will sink or swim in these unchartered waters. Google Tango might just be the device to do it.. Despite the hype – such as...
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