Fulton Street Transit Center, NY

The blast-proof glass pavilion of the Fulton Street Transit Center, NY, features a zinc clad open dome, with an oculus, and a cable suspended panelized sunlight deflection system used to light the lobby, mezzanines, and concourse, which mirrors the oculus opening. An inner-cat-walk encircles the installation, which is pre-assembled off-site using pre-tensioned cabling, and then suspended from steel strut-work, with a 75 man team, and two cranes to suspend the hour-glass shaped skeleton some 60 feet.

The panels are faceted into a diamond pattern, and mill-finished to reduce glare. Sunlight is directed to the panels from adjustable reflectors positioned just below the oculus  glazing system. Earlier renderings show the pavilion without its dome Рa glass box, which was removed from the design, but subsequently added back when Stimulus funds were granted the project.

Some of the challenges for this project were:

tinysystems integration

tinycoordination of WTC Hub, and Concourses


complex curtain wall systems

tinysophisticated materials and cutting-edge designs

tinycoordination with public agencies & service providers.

tinya mid-project change order (MOD54), which added considerably to the LCD and passenger information system


programs, and to the infrastructure and wiring to support the work.

tinyhistoric preservation and integration of historic 19 c. Corbin building into the hub-system

tinyrebaselining of original schedule

tinyimplementation of recovery schedule


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