CPM Scheduling Services

RepOne offers a full complement of CPM Scheduling services to construction managers, general contractors, and subcontractors. In our work, we encounter a variety of company sizes with different needs. Nowadays, even larger firms can’t always keep a full-time estimator or P6 scheduler on every project, thus outsourcing is the wisest choice.

CPM scheduling services

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Other than the basic within budget/on schedule CPM Scheduling services criteria, we find that there are two sorts of projects that share onerous challenges: those which require high tolerances and highly-skilled labor – such as luxury installations, and complex projects requiring sophisticated schedules.

The largest challenge to complex projects is the inability to build an in-house team with the requisite skills. To this end, RepOne also offers customized to your needs coaching and training and small business administration programs to empower small and growing companies who wish to upgrade their ability to facilitate and perform in the marketplace.

Small business coaching and training programs and services are offered in one-on-one or group presentations, and in Webcasts.

RepOne offers the following CPM Scheduling services to the design and building industries

CPM Scheduling servicesP6 Baseline Schedule Preparation (visit service detail)

RepOne offers CPM Scheduling services to include comprehensive schedule baseline and progress tracking using the latest (v16.2) Oracle Primavera software, and Deltek Acumen Fuse analytic tools. Much of our work has to do with schedule oversight, or review and analysis of third-party timelines, typically, construction managers and building owners looking to verify a general contractor’s schedule. A sample of a complex schedule can be seen here…


CPM Scheduling services

CPM Training

Very few construction people I work with have much experience with CPM scheduling. That’s because no one ever trained them. Nowadays it’s hard to find capable schedulers, and untrained project managers are no replacement. If you’re not going to outsource, it makes sense to have your project managers trained in the basics. RepOne can provide basic training for your people in latest WebEx and in office seminars.

CPM Scheduling services

Small Business Coaching

RepOne offers custom business management programs tailored to meet the needs of our diverse clientele. Most of our clients are small to mid-size  companies looking to grow. Focus is on operations, administration, and project controls.

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