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Claims & Counterclaims

RepOne works with insurance industry professionals as a cost consultant, claims analyst, and expert witness in legal disputes involving damages, and defects and delays. He has represented general contractors, property owners, legal professionals, and specialty contractors.

Derek Graham is RepOne’s expert witness. He has served as an expert witness Federally, and in several states, since 2006.

Commercial Property Inspections, Damage

RepOne provides commercial property inspections to building owners, developers, and realtors. We work with retailers, commercial building owners, and prospective buyers.

Property Condition Assessments

RepOne also prepares expert level executive Property Condition Assessments for building owners and retailers with multiple sites, per ASTM E2018 guidelines. These guidelines are comprehensive, and – in some cases – overkill. For that reason, RepOne offers scaled down PCAs to suit smaller buildings or commissions, and modest budgets.

RepOne offers its PCA and representation services to building owners in luxury residential and retail, boutique hotel, commercial and office, and medical and institutional work. Indeed, RepOne has worked with BP and Nike to create a comprehensive assessment of the physical condition of their real estate portfolio, as well as ADA compliance reports.

Claims, Inspections, and Estimation Services

claimsProperty Condition Assessments

RepOne is pleased to offer Property Condition Assessments (PCAs) to commercial property owners of every ilk. Our PCAs conform to the guidelines set forth in ASTM E2018. PCAs are an essential maintenance and property management tool used by owners with single, or multiple holdings, such as retailers and gas stations., who comprise much of our PCA clientele.  Additionally, we conduct pre-buy inspections for prospective purchases.

70 x 122Owner Construction Schedule & Progress Monitoring (see service detail)

RepOne’s menu of construction services include comprehensive schedule baseline and progress tracking using the latest (v16.2.2) Oracle Primavera software, and Deltek Acumen Fuse claims analytic tools. Schedule baselines and updates are vital tools in determining cash-flow, and loan draw-down programs. Developing and tracking an independent schedule gives you your own level of monitoring and control, as opposed to relying on a builder or other third-party’s  data. A sample of a complex schedule can be viewed here…

claimsOwner Representation

RepOne acts as owner’s representative, with a focus in luxury residential, and projects with aggressive schedules, such as retail and hospitality, and the ubiquitous ‘summer schedule (Memorial Day – Labor Day), which is the criteria for most cooperatives and condominiums in New York City. In addition to representing you to your contractor, we also represent you to your design team; ensuring they meet their contract requirements, as well as your builder’s.

We also provide the necessary building estimating and scheduling scheduling/oversight owner representation services required to see a project through its inception to its full realization. Our representation includes comprehensive interfacing with the builder  and design team, through meetings and correspondence, and offering critical insights that facilitate project execution, and proven results of claims avoidance best practices.

claimsADA Compliance Inspections

RepOne conducts on site ADA inspections to safeguard your property from risk of non- compliance claims, which could otherwise result in tear-out/rebuild, or hefty fines and civil law-suits from those whose rights are protected by the 1990 ADA. We also conduct ADA constructability reviews of your new, or retrofit construction design documents and specifications, to assure that designs for new construction are ADA compliant, and protect you against future claims.

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