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Primavera 16.2.2 & Acumen Fuse are the most cutting-edge claim forensic and analysis tools available.

About Acumen Fuse

Acumen Fuse is a metric analysis and visualization tool that assesses quality of schedules, accuracy of cost forecasts, realism of risk models, earned value and project performance.

More than just a schedule analyzer, Fuse uses libraries of metrics to provide a unique insight into how to improve project plans and execution strategies.

What has typically taken schedulers and project managers days to achieve is now easily and repeatedly done in minutes.  You can quickly pinpoint problematic areas and activities within a project, and let Fuse go to work.

Through metric libraries such as the DC MA14 Point Assessment and Acumen Fuse’s advanced schedule checks, the Acumen Fuse user is able to pinpoint and resolve scheduling flaws, ensuring a more realistic and achievable plan.

Acumen Fuse ribbons provide a quick and easy means of visualizing what matters in your project.  Analyze by ribbons of your choice making reporting flexible and straightforward.  Compare an unlimited number of project snapshots over time to gain a unique insight into performance trending.  Quickly determine changes in risk exposure, execution performance, cost overruns and earned value.

Fact: RepOne has baseline scheduled three complex megaproject baselines in the past five years

  1. SUNY MART, $350M medical arts & research and training facility, and bed tower, SUCF Stony Brook Campus
  2. Battery Tunnel Rehabilitation, $180M
  3. Hunts Point Digester Facility Expansion $250M

RepOne Works in Progress

Huntspoint (HP 238) WWTP, New Digester Facilities: Baseline Completed, 2017

The Hunts Point Wastewater Treatment Plant’s (Hunts Point WWTP) anaerobic digestion system has reached its capacity limits and requires expansion and replacement. Four new silo digesters and support facilities are proposed for construction immediately north of the existing plant to provide stable, reliable digestion of solids produced at Hunts Point WWTP and achieve the New York City Department of Environmental Protection’s (DEP) goal of Class B quality biosolids.

The objective of HP-238 is to replace failing solids-handling infrastructure at Hunts Point WWTP with facilities that provide reliable, easy-to-own, effective treatment of solids. The new facilities should reduce operational costs and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions while improving the economic, environmental, and social sustainability of DEP’s operation. The biosolids product should be a high-quality, low volume, and versatile in its uses beyond disposal. A return to state-of-good-repair is needed, but opportunities for improvement should be considered.

SUNY Mart Building & Bed Tower Hospital

Devoted to imaging, neurosciences, cancer care and cancer research, the eight-level 240,000-square-foot Medicine and Research Translation (MART) Building and 225,000-square-foot new Bed Tower will enable scientists and physicians to work side by side to advance cancer research and imaging diagnostics.

The MART will include cancer biology oriented wet laboratories for cell, tissue, and other cancer biology research, dry labs for statistical research, biomedical informatics, and clinical study, a chemistry research lab, conference center and educational space.

The new Bed Tower, consisting of 10 levels and 150 beds, will house Stony Brook Children’s Hospital. It will include a newly built pediatric intensive care unit; an adolescent unit; a procedure suite; a hematology/oncology unit; medical/surgical units and modern patient and family amenities; new adult critical care and cardiac care units; an expanded imaging department, and increased support space throughout.

The plan also includes a new loading dock, cafeteria expansion, site improvements and new access roadways. Based on ongoing input from Hospital staff, the proposed design reflects Stony Brook’s commitment to patient- and family-centered care. The buildings will help facilitate partnerships among healthcare practitioners, patients and families that lead to improved patient outcomes and enhance the quality and safety of healthcare

Nassau Cty DPW Bay Park STP Grit Removal Facility

The Bay Park Sewage Treatment Plant was constructed in 1949, with major expansions and upgrades during the 1960s and 1980s. The current permitted capacity is 70 mgd, although current average daily wastewater flow is 50 mgd. The plant serves a population of approximately 550,000.

The Nassau County Department of Public Works (NCDPW) identified problem areas at the Bay Park Sewage Treatment Plant that restrict the plant’s operational flexibility and prevent it from operating at peak efficiency. These problem areas included the hot- and chilled-water distribution system, grit removal, effluent screening, effluent pumps, process air filtration, emergency generators, and dissolved air flotation thickeners.

When completed Summer, 2017, the upgrades to the facility will have

  • Increased the plant’s capacity and efficiency to meet community needs
  • Improved effluent screening system safety
  • Improved the effectiveness of the effluent strainers.


– Rector St. Station Stair ReHab
– Grand Central Wi-Fi Antennae
– IS 145 Sink Hole Repair
– Throgs Neck Bridge Maintenance Facility
– Park Avenue Synagogue
– Lybia House

How RepOne does it.

Long New York experience in the ‘trenches’ gives practical know-how to a traditionally technical trade – CPM Construction scheduling services: let’s face it, most of today’s Primavera 6 desk-jockey schedulers have little field experience – never worked the tools. When a practical question defies their theoretical best, they must defer to a project manager or superintendent.

While in-house coordination is important, a scheduler should have some practical knowledge of real-time means and methods. This distinction is what sets RepOne apart from mere technicians: four decades in the industry.

Acumen Fuse Forensics & Analysis

construction scheduling

my baseline score for a recent megaproject

RepOne offers an extensive selection of Primavera 6 CPM scheduling services prepared in our Oracle Primavera 16.2.2. We have prepared schedules for projects as complex as the MTA Second Avenue Subway, MTA Fulton Street Transit Center, and as small as – but no less complicated as, high-end and luxury and residential projects.

Consider this complex tunnel rehabilitation schedule as an example of multi-phasing, and replacement of all fiber-optic system and wiring.

General Contractors, Construction Managers, Design Professionals, Planners, Engineers, and Stakeholders

Every owner or contractor has specific needs, which vary, depending on the project size and scheduling requirements. Public work typically has scheduling requirements iterated in the project manual, whereas in the private sector, there are endless permutations. Public work specifications are often too vigorous or comprehensive, whereas private sector work seldom defines comprehensive scheduling requirements.

Before any schedule is created, a full background survey is conducted that will dictate the specific individual criteria for any given project, such that the determined effort can be commensurate with the needs of a project. Owner input is key to this phase of the project. We coordinate with the project team members, review drawings and specifications, and estimates, and then begin to prepare the project schedule. As the schedule develops, we continue to coordinate with the project team until a final baseline can be generated.

RepOne: Expert Level Critical Oversight Services

RepOne works with owners and stakeholders in an advisory capacity. Schedule oversight will include contract compliance, as well as Acumen Fuse reports using 250 different metrics, including DCMA-14.

construction scheduling

DCMA 11, above

RepOne conducted oversight reports for MTA Capital Construction

– East Side Access
Second Avenue Subway
– Line 7 Extension & West 34th Street, Site J, K
Fulton Street Transit Center
– WTC Transit Hub

As project requirements vary, we are please to offer the following CPM Construction scheduling services

Construction scheduling servicesSchematic Schedule

At some point early in developing a project, a preconstruction schedule is created to inform the project team in a broad sense, as to the expected general  timeline of the project. This general information should impart the contract duration, which will be shown in the invitation to bid.

Construction scheduling services

Preliminary Schedule

Typically, the preliminary schedule is extrapolated from the schematic schedule. Preliminary schedules are require on public work within four to six weeks of notice to proceed. The preliminary schedule develops the general intended approach of the larger trades and activities into a critical path. The preliminary schedule will be bench-marked for logic integrity, and success probability, as compared with peer projects.

Construction scheduling servicesCPM Schedule

The CPM (critical path method) schedule will represent the full scope of work, from the bottom up. It will include full development of the database for the project. The approved CPM schedule will become the baseline, or that schedule to which all subsequent updates shall be compared. This construction schedule will also be indexed for integrity and probability of success using Acumen Fuse.

Construction scheduling servicesSchedule Monitoring & Reporting

Typically, a schedule is updated each month. Field data is taken to measure progress of each activity. The schedule is then updated, and compared to the baseline. A narrative is attached to the schedule. The intention of the narrative is to describe conditions in plain language, while at the same time conveying critical analysis of project conditions and Fuse generated reports.

services icon 2Schedule Oversight

Schedules are submitted like any other contract documentation: they must be evaluated. As part of our construction scheduling services, we perform evaluations and analysis of third-party generated schedules using Deltek Acumen Fuse forensic and analytic software.

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