Construction Defects Expert | Case Histories

Construction Defects Expert RepOne is able to help new Condo Owners recover damages for defective workmanship

An elderly couple had purchased from a developer a “luxury” condominium near New York’s Lincoln Center. However, upon taking possession, they soon noticed myriad defects – gaps in wood trim joints, gaps in wood flooring, protruding screw heads, et al., which they brought to the developer’s attention several times, without incident. They sought a construction defects expert NY, at which point I was asked for help.

Subsequently, I inspected the premises, which were purported as luxury, or high-end living. Defects were epidemic, and poor workmanship was apparent everywhere. Even the design plans were minimal, and thoughtless. I conducted my inspection, and drafted my defects report – which was voluminous for this project, and it was issued to the developer. Twice, the developer sent in a few men with nail-sets and paint brushes for a couple of hours to repair the defective works, and each time failed to remediate the conditions. The developer finally gave up – saying he could not make the buyers happy – as if to say the defects were their fault.

It soon became apparent that

a) either the developer didn’t have the resources to make good on the work, or

b) he no longer cared about the sale. Given that position, the couple used the leverage of my report and cost-to-cure estimate, to receive a substantial rebate, without litigation, which they put toward the restoration of their new apartment. They are happily enjoying their apartment to this day, thanks to their construction expert, who prepared irrefutable and bulletproof field reports and cost estimates.

A Harlem townhouse owner bilked by a ‘big box’ homewoner supply store

An unlicensed plumber hacked into an old waste stack, causing a leak that had consequential ramifications, change orders were handed out like hot-cakes, meters were locked out. Before too long the owner had paid over $300,000 for two low-end baths and a kitchen, and only 50% of the work wasa completed, les defects and damges of that work. These were just some of the complaints that RepOne, construction defects expert, was called to inspect and prepare a comprehensive report and cost-to-cure analysis of the damages and defective works.