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“Bringing you and your team into the cutting edge of project delivery

My experience has a special focus on small construction businesses; or specialty contractors, who are the lifeblood of the building industry. I frequently find that there is a need for enhanced construction continuing education and training in the industry at large, but simply not enough of it is going on. Unions no longer can afford (or care to) to provide costly training programs to their constituency. This policy creates a talent vacuum.

Everyone would like to see this change. To that end, I offer individualized and customized training and construction continuing education programs for individuals and companies. I offer several small business seminars tailored to meet the needs of diverse clientele: general contractors, subcontractors, and planners. I have lectured at diverse places, from Columbia University, NY,  to NY’s 5-Boro Electrical Contractors Association

Subjects of discussion range from system delivery and project management, to CPM scheduling and claim awareness.

contract management publications

In 2006, I authored a textbook about my 25 years in residential construction industry project management.

The book includes eight chapters focusing on project estimation, CPM scheduling, project management, human resources, and conflict resolution. There are loads of anectdotal material, some enlightening, and some frankly quite funny – a pleasant departure from boot-strap rote Flintstone-think.

The text is still used at Columbia University, NY. A link to my publication –

Managing Residential Construction Projects: Strategies & Solutions

McGraw Hill Technical Book Group, New York (2006), can be found here or by going to Note, the  ‘Technical Book Group’ is now within Professional Education, at McGraw Hill.


Recent topics in the ongoing construction  continuing education discussion:

“How can we teach or enhance ‘claim awareness’ best pratices throughout our company structure?

Claim Awareness & Documentation for Project Managers

This is an ongoing challenge, considering the rate of delay and disruption in construction. The seminar is geared toward middle and executive level project managers and administrative support staff. Each slide in the deck serves as a background for interatcive dicussion with the presenter and attendees.

Claim Awareness & Documentation for Project Managers


“How do we launch a construction management service delivery platform?

Construction Management Delivery Systems & Operations for Small to Medium Size Contractors

This seminar is designed to address the implementation of a construction management delivery system to the project controls, project management, and project administration and bookkeeping departments of small to medium sized contractors. Basic operations and inter departrment communications are emphasized, as is communication and accountability.

Construction Management for Small GCs

Other topics

  • How do we present a more impressive and professional image to potential clients through our communications?
  • How do we balance our own interests with our clients’, without there being disparity?
  • How do we expand our business by integrating new programs, and how do we market such programs?
  • How can we use the Internet and other social media to tailor our public image?
  • How can we position ourselves better in a specific marketplace?
  • How do we improve accountability to our clientele? How might we upgrade our digital infrastructure?
  • How can we drive more traffic to our website?
  • What are SEO and SEM and how to they affect our Internet visibility?

Mr. Graham offers one-on-one and Group Construction Continuing Education Training


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