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CPM NewsFlash: Critical Path Never Tells the Whole Story

Critical Path isn’t always the Longest Path Most CPM schedules use a critical path as the sole and chief determinant of a given construction project’s time performance and outcome. CPM scheduling software is developed to focus on the critical path as the most useful and efficient means of time management,...
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What is Meant by “CPM Schedule Levels”

Which CPM Schedule Levels Have You Mastered? Or better yet: what CPM level scheduler are you? Perhaps like myself – you never considered this before. Do CPM schedules levels even matter? Many schedulers have heard of CPM schedule levels but not bothered to learn their specific meaning (if any) or...
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Executive Project Controls: Clueless Emperors are the Oxymorons of Oversight

Executive Project Controls, or uber-controllers are that in name only Executive project controls – project estimation and project scheduling, are perpetually misinterpreted disciplines. Laypeople simply don’t make the connection between ‘estimating and scheduling,’ with ‘executive project controls,’ while self-anointed organizations go around hawking fancy certifications to people with no practical industry...
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