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CPM Scheduling for Core and Shell

Modern urban core and shell high-rises are traditionally fitted out with glazed curtainwall systems. Advancements in panel technology and engineering enable cutting-edge installations with maximum visibility and minimum heat gain. When units are panelized the speed and ease of contiguous installation is enhanced. The sequence of operations for rigging and...
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CPM Timelines: Scheduling Reinforced Concrete Buildings

Reinforced Concrete Building CPM Scheduling for Success Reinforced Concrete Building – if you’re a construction person living or working in most any metropolitan area in the US northeast, than you can’t help but notice the impressive volume of reinforced concrete (RC) towers popping up. If you’re lucky enough to work...
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Construction Manager Agency Ripe for AI Disruption

A Non at-Risk Construction Manager Gets His Cake and Eats it too  -often on the taxpayers’ dime, or for any given public megaproject. If that is the case, why then is there no facility for oversight? The answer to that question may not matter as AI – incapable of perpetrating...
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