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Are AEC Industries Ready for AI-centric Megaproject Delivery?

AI-centric Megaproject Delivery Traditional construction project delivery performance suffers from long and well publicized negative global productivity lags: negative compared to the industry 20 years ago, and negative compared to other industries. This negative productivity is associated with both budget shortfalls and turnaround delays.  Infamous megaprojects suffer from these same...
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What is Meant by “CPM Schedule Levels”

Which CPM Schedule Levels Have You Mastered? Or better yet: what CPM level scheduler are you? Perhaps like myself – you never considered this before. Do CPM schedules levels even matter? Many schedulers have heard of CPM schedule levels but not bothered to learn their specific meaning (if any) or...
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Building Industry Negative Productivity Rates: Don’t Blame the Builders

Building Industry Negative Productivity Rates: Bane of the Industry Constant reminders of building industry negative productivity rates don’t tell the whole story, in fact, they don’t tell any story, forcing anyone outside the industry to use their imagination. The industry  – an easy mark, traditionally absorbs most of the blame...
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