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4D BIM CPM Scheduling is a waste of time: here’s why.

4D BIM CPM Scheduling: not ready for prime-time “The short answer is that there simply aren’t any extant Level III-IV 4D BIM risk-optimized or resource-loaded, apt CPM scheduling models with which to establish global parameters. 4D BIM CPM schedules can be generated from BIM models, but should they be? That...
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10 AEC Professions AI Will Disrupt by 2027

AI Disruption Will Significantly Permeate the AEC Industries Historically, the construction and building industries tend to fall on the lower scale of tech-savvy, or digital-bandwidth, owing to a lack of skilled practitioners, and a paucity of training and investment in their constituency, but more so to a general disdain for...
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AI Project Controls: Building Industry Ripe for AI Disruption

“AI Project Controls mean estimators and planners will soon join th endangered species list The lagging performance of (negative) productivity in the US construction industry as compared with other industries makes it ripe for disruption by artificial intelligence, and that includes AI project controls. Of all building sectors, only highways,...
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