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Acumen Fuse, Diagnostics – Tune-up for your CPM Schedule

Acumen Diagnostics is the Big-time for Construction Schedules I could spend hours perusing the many metric analyzers loaded into Acumen Fuse Diagnostics, where you’ll find a myriad of data-modeling possibilities. Bring your Project Snapshot here, from the Projects window, to start your triage, or just to compare it to another or...
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Acumen Fuse Project View – Enter the Command Center

Acumen Fuse Project tab: enter Command Central for CPM Analysis Front-end and mid-range CPM construction scheduling programs don’t come loaded with forensics, analytic, or diagnostics tools. Their standard DCMA 14 modules spit out basic data, but barring that, any analysis must be done manually. In recent years, plug-in analyzing programs...
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Construction Schedule Analysis and Forensics Plug-ins

Finding the Best Way to Optimize Your CPM Schedules As generating forensics for more complex schedule analysis has become increasingly relevant, the industry still struggles to mainstream the process. Indeed, most of the higher order schedule analysis and forensics for Primavera 6 schedules must be done manually, which is a...
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